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Our story


Welcome to Eleni Clothing, a women's boutique nestled in the heart of Earlwood. Established in 2009, our boutique is proudly mother-daughter run, reflecting the essence of familia warmth and dedication.


At Eleni Clothing, we believe that exceptional customer service is at the core of creating an unforgettable shopping experience.


Our collection features a diverse range of clothes and accessories to suit women of all ages. We understand that fashion knows no boundaries, and that's why we carefully select garments from renowned Australian labels such as Nookie, Amy Taylor, Elle Zeitoune, Sass, Fate & Becker, You Know What, and Runaway. With an eye for quality and affordability, we ensure that our customers can indulge in high-quality clothing without breaking the bank.


Eleni Clothing prides itself on being a haven for women seeking transit yet unique styles. We believe that every individual has a distinct fashion persona, and Eleni and Joanne are here to guide and inspire you. From stylish dresses that make a statement to chic separates that exude elegance, we offer an extensive selection that caters to your personal style and preferences.


What truly sets us apart is our commitment to exceptional customer service. We take immense pride in our ability to listen, understand, and cater to the needs of each and every customer. Whether you require outfit suggestions, styling tips, or simply a warm conversation, we are here to ensure your shopping experience is nothing short of extraordinary.


At Eleni Clothing, we believe that fashion is a powerful means of self-expression, and our goal is to empower women to embrace their unique style and radiate confidence.


Welcome to the world of Eleni Clothing, where style, quality, and exceptional customer service come together to create an unforgettable fashion experience.

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